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Some quick thoughts on fuel mix....


Wanted to take a quick second and clarify our views on oil ratio (for some this is as controversial as politics or religion, take a breath, it’ll be ok) Many of the clone saw’s recommend 25:1 oil ratio, this does not apply to most of our customers…. As this is for areas where two stroke oil is not available and standard motor oil is used. We recommend 40:1 on all 2 stroke engines. We also recommend a high quality FD rated oil (I prefer red armor). With a new engine it may be a decent idea to run a “richer” mix (25:1/32:1) for a tank or two to get some oil film established in the bottom end …. I have no proof this helps at all but it seems like a good idea. If you have scored your piston and cylinder and had oil in your mix (25:1-50:1) it is not the oil mix that caused the problem, check your tuning and for an air leak. Adding more oil to a mix makes the engine run leaner, as the fuel to air ratio decreases with additional oil (oil doesn’t burn) If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and we’ll try our best. If our advice goes against your deeply help oil ratio advice, please just keep scrolling, we run saws every day and base this advice on our experience, not hearsay. Stay safe, Jesse Baysinger