Bulletproof Custom BP460 - PHO(PowerHead Only)

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From our Bulletproof Custom saw performance shop, this saw is hand assembled in America. The BP460 is built to meet your needs from large scale firewood  and milling to commercial tree professionals. We build these saws at our full time saw shop, inspecting every single part during assembly. Our saws have a proven track record over the years and are NOT the same as the saws you might find built by a kid on college break in his moms basement. We stand behind our saws and have a parts stock on hand for when the ground crew accidentally crushes the saw with the truck or loader.


Units are thoroughly cleaned of all machining swarf and parts are individually inspected both before and during assembly. Saws are pressure and vacuum checked, Bearings pre lubed, champfer on port windows checked and adjusted if needed, compression check and all tolerances and torques applied. Ignition verified (coil gap, plug gap, spark checked). We then start and test the saw, as well as roughly tune it. We start the break in process for you and swap in higher quality AM parts during build. We do not video EVERY single build, but we do post videos of saw build runs on



All of the features of the standard package with the addition of several upgrades. First and foremost we replace the stock piston and cylinder with a Farmertec Big Bore setup. We have found better performance and timing numbers with the Farmertec than the Hyway. We also substitute several of parts with improved aftermarket parts and OEM parts.


Performance plus:

All of the features of the enhanced with the addition of custom porting and timing advance. This really allows the maximum potential of the powerhead to show through, primarily for those that count on increased production for increased profit.   


Additional custom builds available upon request for an additional cost.

**Free shipping valid for the lower 48 states **

Bars and chains that are pictured are not included but can be purchased for an additional cost.

***These saws are clone saw parts kits built with the specific options that you choose. Lead time is variable and usually 2-4 weeks, please feel free to contact us before your purchase for a better estimate of lead time. 

Additional options are available for your custom build such as: Black dyed plastics, west coast clutch cover, enhanced felling spikes, and whatever else you can dream up.