Hyway Titanikel 372xp 52mm Big Bore

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Titanikel cylinder---

Below is Hyway's write up on the titanikel tech. What we have found in building and rebuilding saws is that these are a very nice cylinder. If you are not looking to have a cylinder ported, this is a bolt on performance gain. We have found the gains to be more noticeable when pulling longer bars milling. We personally use these on multiple milling saw setups. Overall we have been happy with the Titanikel cylinders with popup pistons. Hyway's write up follow......

Titanikel is made by Hyway company in Taiwan and the National University Materials Research Center as a result after many years of research and trials. Titanium plating is a high-temperature steam plating method. The temperature can reach 900 to 1000 degrees C. Generally, aluminum metal cannot stand such high temperature. Therefore, the high temperature of steam plating process must overcome before the product can be completed.

Titanikel Cylinder means a layer of Titanium coating, and it is a multi-composite electroplating method. Because titanium is a high-strength metal, only diamonds can be used for grinding after electroplating. The cylinder surface after grinding will become very bright and smooth, it can greatly reduce the friction coefficient between piston and piston ring.

Ti itself is resistant to high temperatures, high strength, high wear resistance, high density, and chemical resistance, so it is particularly suitable for the working environment with high temperature and high strength.