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Bulletproof Custom MS440 Big Bore Build

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Well it's taken us a long time to get this listed online. The big problem has been getting ahead enough on builds so we can have some in stock and ready to go. We've been selling this build for going on 4 years through word of mouth only. The builds generally sell the day they are completed or are ordered in advance of the build. Depending on sales volume and even with trying to build ahead it is possible that we will run into wait time before shipping. If it shows in stock here, it is in stock for immediate shipping. If it shows out of stock, contact us and you will be put on the next available list. Each saw takes time to build. It is more than just throwing parts together and saying it's good. In addition to quality checks during the build, each saw is fueled up and ran in the wood. and conservatively tuned before shipping.

Our custom built Holzfforma MS440 are built in house swapping out key parts we have found are better sourced from other AM vendors. Every part in these saws are inspected for quality control. Saws are vacuum and pressure tested twice during the build process.


Build specs:

Hyway Titanikel 52mm big bore piston and cylinder - We inspect the P&C before using and reject any with flaws. This goes for EVERY part we use, however we see a lot of folks that believe any premium cylinder is acceptable. This is not true of OEM, and not true of ANY AM vendor.

Hyway heavy duty half wrap handle, wrist pin bearing, clutch bearing

HLIC Carburetor

West coast style clutch cover